Flexible & convenient cloud sync

Access what you want, where you want, and to know that your data is always safe and secure in the cloud. That's true freedom and peace of mind.


The number of boxes you can create.

The number of cloud accounts you can use.

The number of devices you can sync.

Organize and separate your data easily

ScramBox allows you to put different types of data into different boxes. This helps you keep your data neat, tidy & organized.

Different boxes can sync to different clouds, and then onto different devices.

Finally, you can separate work from personal data on BYOD.

Sync across devices

Get all of the benefits that you expect with cloud sync. Improve your productivity and reduce hassle and time wastage:

  • Start work on one device, continue on another
  • Work offline and sync back when reconnected
  • No more USB copying, syncing with cables
  • Avoid different file versions on different devices

Extra security for restricted access

When you share devices and cloud accounts with others (common for family computers and accounts), you might want to set restricted access for particular sets of data.

This is easy – simply put that data into a separate box, and set an additional password on it. That will allow you to share devices and accounts, but still keep some data private.

Live activity monitor

Often it's important to know when a sync is complete, and how much more there is to go.

ScramBox's activity monitor shows you progress so you know what's happening with your sync – what's complete and what's in the queue.

Detailed reporting

There's nothing more disturbing than not knowing what's happening to your data – especially business data.

That's why we built detailed reporting into ScramBox to provide an audit trail of activities.

ScramBox's reporting provides you with the information you need to be confident that your files and folders are in good hands.

Download now - it's easy to get started!

Plus, if you join our beta program now, we'll reward you with a free licence to use ScramBox until 31 Dec 2017.

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