Control where your data lives

Do you really know where your data lives? Many cloud services are vague and “nebulous” – it's up there somewhere, but they don't say exactly where.

The freedom of choice

You choose where your data lives. ScramBox lets you use:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Free accounts
  • Paid accounts
  • One account
  • Multiple accounts

Public cloud support

ScramBox supports the major cloud storage providers — giving you maximum convenience and the benefits of low cost storage.

If you need to comply with industry or geography specific regulations (especially those in the European Union), you can choose a specialized storage provider that complies with data storage locality restrictions, privacy restrictions, data retention, breach notification and other requirements.

ScramBox supports these storage providers through our WebDAV, SFTP and FTP interfaces.

Private cloud support

Need to secure your data within your own network boundaries or datacenter?

Private cloud is a good solution for businesses and individuals who need the reassurance of hosting their own data using their own infrastructure.

Through our support of WebDAV and SFTP protocols, you can securely use your own private cloud storage and retain full control over your data.

Use the accounts you already have

If you have a Gmail account, you've already got free storage on Google Drive. If you have a Microsoft account or use Windows 10, you've already got free storage on OneDrive.

And you can sign up for other free accounts with other storage providers. Then use all these accounts with ScramBox and start storing your data securely.

Aggregate your space

Most users have multiple storage accounts – and now you can put them all to work!

ScramBox can connect to all your accounts simultaneously, syncing different boxes to different accounts.

This effectively adds the space you have available in the cloud.

Choose privacy friendly countries

Not all countries have the same privacy laws.

Data sovereignty is an evolving legal issue. While your data is usually governed by the laws of the country where it is hosted, courts have ruled that the laws of the country of the company providing the cloud account may also apply. Your data could be accessible by foreigners via subpoena or legal discovery.

With ScramBox, you can choose to store your data in privacy friendly countries such as Iceland and Switzerland.

Shop around, avoid storage vendor lock-in and save money

Cloud providers often change their pricing model and terms of service. What looked like a good deal yesterday may be unappealing today.

Because ScramBox lets you choose your storage vendor, you can switch between vendors and choose the best option at any time. Switching from one cloud account to another is easy – simply copy all data from one account to another.

Download now - it's easy to get started!

Plus, if you join our beta program now, we'll reward you with a free licence to use ScramBox until 31 Dec 2017.

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