No–compromise encryption

The core of ScramBox is its peer-reviewed, quantum-safe encryption. We’ve made absolutely no compromises in its design, using only the most secure and well-studied encryption techniques available.

27,337,893 trillion trillion trillion trillion years

That's the average time it'll take the world's fastest supercomputer to brute–force crack ScramBox's AES-256 encryption. The universe is only 15 billion years old.

Your data: completely scrambled in the cloud. Because prying eyes should see garbage.

Ever wondered what a hacker or an employee of your cloud storage company would see?

Drag the slider to see what unencrypted (plaintext) and encrypted (ciphertext) versions of your cloud files look like.

Scram can't read your content. Neither can your cloud storage provider

A key requirement in the ScramBox security model is fully separating your encryption key, your passwords, your encryption software and your cloud storage.

At Scram, we never have your random encryption key, your password, nor access to your cloud storage.

Your storage provider never has access to your encryption key, your password, nor access to the source code of your encryption software.

Your random encryption key stays on your devices, or can be backed up and stored in a bank vault, but is useless without the password.

Your password is protected by the 5th Amendment and your right to remain silent.

Integrity assured.
Detects unauthorized modifications.

ScramBox detects unauthorized file modifications. That means, even if someone compromises your cloud account and tries to sabotage your data, they can't. ScramBox will simply ignore these changes so your data won't get corrupted.

The power of zero

User experience

Cryptographic security


The amount of training you need to benefit from ScramBox's encryption.


The slowdown in performance you notice due to our encryption.


The amount of your data that leaves your computer unencrypted.


The number of times we compromised on security in our cryptographic designs.


The number algorithms we used that are known to be vulnerable to quantum attack.

Designed at:

Peer reviewed at:

  • The University of Melbourne (in progress)

Encryption designed and reviewed at leading research institutions

A key question all security skeptics ask is "how do I know this works as advertised?"

Because most of us are not cryptographers (who are, incidentally, rarer than brain surgeons), it's simply impossible to tell.

That's why we've partnered with some of the world's leading research institutions and engaged top experts to design, peer–review and audit our encryption systems.

Want to know what ciphers, hashes and modes we use? Read our detailed cryptography FAQ.

Designed at:

Peer-­reviewed at:

  • The University of Melbourne (in progress)

A critical part of a wider security defence strategy

ScramBox keeps your data encrypted when stored in the cloud. It's a valuable part of cloud security.

For comprehensive protection against online and offline threats, we recommend a variety of solutions, each working together to keep you safe.

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