Backup and versioning

From time to time, data gets lost. Whether it's accidental file deletion, hardware failure, malware infection or a laptop getting lost or stolen, mishaps can happen.

Backup without having to back up

Scheduled backups are a thing of the past.
In ScramBox, it's automatic, continuous and barely noticeable.

Keep version history in your spare space

The beauty of cloud storage is that it can expand like magic.

ScramBox takes advantage of extra space by keeping past versions of files & folders.

You can set simple retention rules to suit your requirements.

And those historical versions of files are safe in the cloud, waiting to be restored whenever a mishap occurs.

Search and retrieve files & folders

It can be hard to find something that's been lost. Especially if it happened a long time ago.

Our special console makes it easy to search and navigate your historical versions.

You can even retrieve multiple versions of a file at once.

Restore an entire box of data

Sometimes when a mishap occurs, you need to get an entire box back from the cloud.

It is easy! You can download the box to a new location, so the restore won't overwrite your data. That's called a “non-destructive restore”

If you need to travel back in time to restore a past snapshot — it's easy. Simply choose your date & time, browse your box contents and click a button to restore.

Rolling back to a past point in time

In extreme cases, it might be necessary to completely roll back your data to a past snapshot and start again from there.

For example, if one of your devices got infected by Cryptolocker and corrupts your files, the corrupted files will get synced to the cloud and to other devices.

Simply look at the logs to see when the infection happened, and roll back your box to before it happened. Problem solved.

Download now - it's easy to get started!

Plus, if you join our beta program now, we'll reward you with a free licence to use ScramBox until 31 Dec 2017.

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