Encrypt everything you sync to the cloud

ScramBox – world class security for your data in the cloud

Complete privacy at zero effort

Lots of people want to steal your stuff.
Now you can stop them.

Through world-class encryption, independently designed and audited at the world's top universities, ScramBox keeps your data private.

You can work normally on your own devices, but when a file leaves your computer, it's already fully encrypted. Your cloud storage provider has zero knowledge of your content. Only you hold your encryption keys.

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Choose where your data lives

Public cloud, private cloud or both

Because ScramBox works with many cloud storage options, you can choose where to store your data and avoid being locked-in to one provider.

  • Public cloud – Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc.
  • Private cloud – great for businesses and regulation compliance

Even choose to store your data in privacy-friendly countries like Iceland and Switzerland.

And you can even combine multiple cloud storage accounts to give you more storage space in the cloud.

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Organize your data easily

Separate work from personal.

BYOD? We understand not all files and data are equal. So we let you organize different files into different boxes, which get synced to different clouds and different devices.

For example, you can store your work files in your workplace's private cloud, synced only to work machines. And your personal files can go to your personal cloud storage account, and onto your personal devices.

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Super easy backup

ScramBox keeps past versions of files.
So it's easy to go back in time.

Perhaps you accidentally deleted a photo... or overwrote a paragraph in your work assignment. ScramBox makes it easy to find and download old versions of files from cloud storage.

Or maybe you've been attacked by a virus or cryptolockered and lost everything? Don't panic! Use ScramBox to roll back your data to before the disaster occurred.

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Who uses ScramBox?

Thanks to its ease of use, world-class encryption and performance, ScramBox is a great choice for businesses and individuals.

Business teams and professionals

Are you looking to protect your client data and other sensitive documents stored in the cloud?

Are you developing new technology, patents or IP that would cost you dearly if compromised?

  • ScramBox is the perfect choice

Healthcare, government, financial

Is the encryption of data mandated by law?

Do data sovereignty regulations require you to store data in your own country?

  • ScramBox is the perfect choice

Privacy conscious individuals

Are you worried about corporations snooping on your data and knowing too much about you?

Are you concerned that your data can be used against you if attacked by hackers or subpoena?

  • ScramBox is the perfect choice

Research Partners

Thanks to world leading institutions who help us research and develop the best encryption technologies.

Download now - it's easy to get started!

Plus, if you join our beta program now, we'll reward you with a free licence to use ScramBox until 31 Dec 2017.

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